Added pool API information from SupportXMR as well as chatango. Fixed older GPU issues with CUDA. Added full manual configuration.

5 thoughts on “XMRGUI v1.7

  1. Patrick Durbin Reply

    Fresh install of windows 10 1709 on 2 diffrent computers. all Up to date.
    Graphics driver up to date.
    DirectX up to date
    Vc 2012
    vc2017 all installed.

    Download XMRGUI.exe run as administrator.
    Installs to roaming/xmrgui
    goes to update and launch

    could not load file oare assembly cefsharp.core.dll

    Then program exits

    Works fine on my other computer.

    What do i need to install. There are no Prerequisite lists!!!

  2. Patrick Durbin Reply


    Deleted appdata/roaming/xmrgui

    Reinstalled with same issue.

    • kyle Post authorReply

      Hey Patrick, this is a pretty common issue right now and its something I’m working on. The library CEFSharp.dll is what is causing the issue, but should be completely handled by the program. All the prerequisites should be taken care of for you. For whatever reason, this doesn’t run on some machines. I’m going to be removing CEFSharp from the next release but if you’d like in the meantime I can help you set up 1.6 without it checking for updates.

  3. Wayne Reply

    How and when does the payments get applied? I have mined a small amount and don’t see an option to save what was mined or send payment to my address. So if I end the mining session will I still get a payment?

    • Kyle Dixon Post authorReply

      Hi Wayne, please see the Help, Instructions menu from within XMRGUI or http://xmrgui.com/faq
      The miner itself doesn’t handle any payments. All of the payments are handled through a pool. Each pool will have its own minimum payout balance that you need to reach before it gets transferred to your wallet.

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