XMRGUI is a user-friendly frontend wrapper for xmrstak. Feel free to use the miner and submit any bugs below in the comments section.

Feel free to leave any and all suggestions for new features as I will be maintaining this regularly. 

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Download Latest – v1.9


  • Currently, the dev donation is configurable through the GUI at a minimum of 1%




  1. Run setup
  2. Enter your Pool URL, XMR Address, Port Number, and Pool Password.
  3. Click “Mine!”

Special Notes

  • If you have issues with the program, make sure to delete the folder at /AppData/Roaming/XMRGUI and redownload the program
  • Choosing the “Run on Idle” option has some minor issues. Please report them below. Currently, the GUI will remember your pool information, however, it won’t remember the option for “Run on Idle” even though it still functions
  • If you click “Mine!” and don’t get any text displayed in the terminal area, please double check your pool information for incorrect symbols.

Known Issues

  • 4k monitors cause the GUI to look rather strange. Working on DPI scaling
  • Windows Defender and other AV detect the program as a virus. I’ve submitted the program for review by Microsoft, though this may take a while to be approved. Please add an exception to both xmrgui_setup_v1.x.exe as well as the /AppData/Roaming/XMRGUI folder.

Old Versions

* To prevent these versions from checking for updates, please edit the file: (C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\XMRGUI\version.txt) and change the number to something higher ie. 999 and save*







02/09/2018 – Added hashrate-monitoring and fixed some issues with profiles.

02/04/2018 – Added user profiles for all settings(CPU, GPU, pool information, address, etc). Fixed Run on Idle and Run on Startup features

01/29/2018 – Fixed the imports of hashrate information from xmr-stak. Added lineseries for CPU, GPU, and Total. Several bugfixes. Started hashrate monitoring tests. 

01/19/2018 – Added Manual GPU configuration. Removed stupid user settings. Added JSON user settings.  Added SupportXMR as a supported pool with Chatango embedded and API stats.

01/14/2018 – Many UI Improvements, added manual CPU Configuration.

01/13/2018 – Lots of housecleaning. Fixed broken updates. Completed setup wizard.

01/12/2018 – Fixed GPU detection and setup. Added an instructional for beginners.

01/11/2018 – Fixed a major memory leak. Added first hash rate graph. Several Bug Fixes.

01/10/2018 – Added an update utility. Users will be prompted to update if one is found. Installation takes less than 1 minute and is automatic.

01/09/2018 – Updated UI Color Scheme, possible long run time memory overflow fix, added terminal color settings, fixed refresh interval.

01/08/2018 – Added “Run on Idle” and “Run on Startup” Feature, Several Bugs Fixed.

01/07/2018 – Fixed OpenSSL exceptions.

28 thoughts on “XMRGUI V1.9 – DOWNLOAD

  1. WES Reply

    once its downloaded and i hit install exe disappears from computer. But then if you try to re-download it tells me I need permission to do so.

  2. VICTOR Reply

    This is the error I get
    System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly ‘CefSharp.Core.dll’ or one of its dependencies. The specified module could not be found.
    File name: ‘CefSharp.Core.dll’
    at XMRGUI.miner..ctor()

    • Kyle Dixon Post authorReply

      Hey Victor, Try deleting your C:\users\username\AppData\Roaming\XMRGUI folder and then download again. If you still have trouble, please let me know and I can provide just the cefsharp files you need. This could be caused by either an antivirus false positive, not running as admin, or maybe a loss of internet connection during install.

      To further elaborate, cefsharp is the library required to display pool chat within the pool statistics tab. Cefsharp is huge and has a lot of dependencies that are downloaded during setup. I’m currently working on a way to either compress this library or may get rid of it completely if there are no other solutions. My guess is that your copy got updated during my testing phase for this update which caused the installation to fail. If that’s the case then deleting that folder should help, but please let me know if you still have problems so I can resolve it.

      • VICTOR Reply

        Hello Kyle, I tried doing that even before I read your reply but have had no success. Is there anything else that I can do? Thank you and have a great day!

        • Kyle Dixon Post authorReply

          Hey, sure. All of the dependencies for XMRGUI can be found here in a zip file: https://akhawaii.com/xmr.zip You can simply extract them to the /AppData/Roaming/XMRGUI folder and it should work properly. Also curious if you would mind allowing me to do a TeamViewer session with you to investigate why the problem happened before you replace the files? If so you can private message me on the live chat here on the site. Thanks!

          • VICTOR

            It still doesn’t work. It keeps giving me the same message when i replace the files. It also gives me the same error even after deleting everything and doing it from scratch. Everything worked well when i was running version 1.6. The update is what messed it up. Is there a way to install version 1.6 without having it automatically look for the update? I tried installing 1.6 but it keeps looking for an update. As for the team viewer session, what is your schedule like?

          • Kyle Dixon Post author

            Hey Victor, Sorry I didn’t see your comment there. If you want to disable updates, you can open the program folder – /AppData/Roaming/XMRGUI and then edit the file version.txt, change the number to 99 and save. This will prevent any further updates from the program. I’d still like to see what’s going on with this update if you don’t mind. Any time you’re available I should be okay to do a TeamViewer session. I’m am in Hawaii, but writing this program has turned my sleep schedule completely around. Try to just send me a message on the live chat here and I can take a look for you. This will help me solve it for others as well.

    • Kyle Dixon Post authorReply

      Hey, I believe I know whats going on. Are you running the setup exe again after installing? If so, the setup creates a shortcut on your desktop. That would be the one you need to run. Also if you want to use the live chat on my site, I answer pretty quickly there. It’s all linked to my phone.


    I am really enjoying your work but using automatic configuration I get only around 80 H/s. Whenever I try to set the parameters on the configuration, the program crashes when I start mining. I guess I’m not really competent with the configuration ha ha. Could you recommend something for a 750 ti?

    • Kyle Dixon Post authorReply

      Hey ya…if you’ve used xmr-stak before with the same configuration and it’s still crashing, try looking above in the known issues for a download. See if replacing that dll file makes any difference and if not let me know so I can help you out. http://monerobenchmarks.info/ should also tell you if your hashrate is normal but 80h/s sounds like it’s not even using the GPU. Actually, I’ve updated the program with what I think will solve the problem. If you could try deleting your XMRGUI folder and downloading again, I’d appreciate it so I can fully release an update if its working.

  4. VICTOR Reply

    Thank you Kyle for looking at my problem. Thank you for making 1.6 work again!

  5. BEN Reply

    Great work. I won’t be using it as is, but id be interested if you implemented a couple of features:
    1) Switching mechanism to multiple coins. Ideally linked into whattomine.com
    2) Manage multiple configs, ideally with special Vega56 support (devcon disable\enable)
    3) Hash rate monitor\alerts

    • Kyle Dixon Post authorReply

      Hey Ben, thanks for the suggestions. I’ll most definitely be adding a hashrate monitor. That’s next on my list. Multiple configs I hadn’t thought about yet, but that’s something I could easily do; if you mean different preset configurations for the GPU and CPU? Switching to other coins is also something I’m really interested in doing, but I’d like to implement every algo I can first and then use something like the API from whattomine to find the most profitable based on the user’s hardware. This is something that’s going to take me a while to do, but once I’ve got the framework in place I think I can make it happen.

  6. Charles Reply

    Hi Kyle when I set up the the config for 6 GPUs 2 Threads each.. Once the miner is started it never completes the initialization. It makes it about halfway through then starts over the initialization again.. never completing. I am not sure if you have some timer checking for init complete, but with 12 threads it should take a while to get the miner to start


    • Kyle Dixon Post authorReply

      Hey Charles you are right about the timer and I was a bit concerned with that being an issue. I’ll get that modified in the morning to be set higher. Do you know an average amount of time it normally takes for you?

      • Charles Reply

        I think it depends on the CPU capability but for me it’s like 10-15 seconds per thread. So total for 6 GPUs is ~3min.

        • Kyle Dixon Post authorReply

          Great, thanks! I’ve updated the Initialization timeout to 5 minutes for some buffer room. Try fully exiting XMRGUI, open, and update. Let me know if it works for you.

        • Kyle Dixon Post authorReply

          Also forgot to mention, If you’re using Hashrate Monitoring, make sure you adjust the “for more than: ” time to compensate for initialization.

  7. Tor Reply

    Which is the right way to configure the profiles? No matter what I enter and save, as soon as I start the miner, he works on the default address of the author. I can not manage to enter my own address and a pool. These values are ignored at each startup. I tried it as an administrator with the same result.

    • Kyle Dixon Post authorReply

      Please wait 2 minutes and it will revert back to your information. This is the dev donation period.

      • Tor Reply

        okay, I don’t know about that. I don’t read it but my english is bad and I use google translator. I will test it, thanks

    • Tor Reply

      Again: I erased all data from the roaming folder and do a reinstall with the same issue. I put all my information into the GUI as “profile 1” and click “save”. After that I push “Mine” but at this moment all settings change to the default’s from the author. I push “Stop” and I see all my private data right again. It looks like the GUI can’t save my data but it store into a cache. OS WIN10/64 with latest patchlevel.

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